Whether you are looking for a high-level FMEA training for your executive team or step-by-step how-to FMEA training based on AIAG’s FMEA 4th Edition for those serving on FMEA teams, we have you covered!  And, you don’t have to choose just one.  With our subscription plans, you assign the appropriate training to each learner in your organization.

FMEA Training

Master Course for Manufacturing

Comprehensive training on both design and process FMEAs.

FMEA Training

Our most popular FMEA course!  Includes a background on FMEAs, how they fit into current industry standards and the different types of FMEAs.  Step-by-step training on both Design FMEAs and Process FMEAs.

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FMEA Training

Master Course for Non-Manufacturing

Comprehensive FMEA Training for non-manufacturing settings.


For Non-Manufacturing Settings
Teaches how to conduct FMEAs in non-manufacturing settings.  Step-by-step training on Process FMEAs with examples of FMEAs in the office and non-manufacturing industries.

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Intro to FMEAs

Overview Training Course

Just enough training to understand the process and terminology.

Introduction to FMEAs

Great Overview for Managers
Includes a background on FMEAs, how they fit into current industry standards and the different types of FMEAs.  Learners develop and understanding of FMEA terminology and the FMEA process.

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Process FMEA Basics

Master Course

Comprehensive training focused on Process FMEAs

Process FMEA Basics

Essential PFMEA Training
Complete step-by-step training on Process FMEAs that prepares team members to actively participate on PFMEA project teams.

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Design FMEA Basics

Master Course

Comprehensive training Focused on Design FMEAs

Design FMEA Basics

Essential DFMEA Training
Complete step-by-step training on Design FMEAs that prepares team members to actively participate on DFMEA project teams.

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Course Features Comparison

FMEA for
Role and Purpose of FMEAs
FMEA Concepts and Terms
Design FMEAs Step-by-Step
Process FMEAs Step-by-Step
Customizing Ranking Scales
Creating an Action Plan
Course Length/CEUs 8 hours
0.8 CEUs
6 hours
0.6 CEUs
5 hours
0.5 CEUs
5 hours
0.5 CEUs
3 hours
0.3 CEUs
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Frequently Asked Questions

About FMEA Online Training

The basis of the FMEA methodology that we teach is AIAG’s FMEA 4th Edition.

All web-based courses contain a PDF Reference Guide (for a Master courses) or Quick Guide (for Overview or Targeted Training courses). These can be printed or saved to your computer.
Upon completion of a course, you will be able to print a Certificate with your score for the course and the corresponding CEUs earned. CEUs earned are based on the length of the courses; 0.1 CEU is earned per 1.0 equivalent hour of training. We use a fixed number of hours for course completion based on the average time learners have reported it takes to complete the course.

ASQ (and many other professional associations) accept training that awards CEUs. For ASQ recertification purposes, CEUs convert 1:1 to RUs.

Our web-based courses will run in all major browsers (current versions) with full support including audio. Our courses also run on tablets and some courses run on smart phones but we do not recommend smart phones for our training.
No!  In fact we advise against spending more than 45 minutes to an hour at a time on our training.  When you are done with your training for the day, just exit the course.  When you log in next time and launch that unit, you will go right back to the same place.

Why Use QualityTrainingPortal FMEA Training?

Solid Content

Developed by practitioners with thousands of FMEAs under their belts and over 20 years teaching FMEAs across industries around the globe.  Our courses provide breadth and depth and upon completion of any of our Master courses, participants are prepared to contribute fully on FMEA teams.


Available when it is needed on your schedule.  The best time to train is just before the skills are needed, but outside seminars and even in-house classes to some extent are rarely timed to meet YOUR needs.  And then there is the juggling of workload, vacations and other distractions that make live, instructor-led training less than perfect.


Eliminate travel expenses and expensive outside consultants.  Eliminate days away from work.  With our online FMEA training, the cost of getting FMEA teams comfortable with the FMEA process and terminology is a fraction of other training options.  With our subscription pricing, you only pay for the training you need with significant quantity discounts.

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